CHE4101	공장설계
담당교수 엄병환 TRACK
교재 Turton, R., Bailie, R.C., Whiting, W.B., and Shaeiwitz, J.A., "Analysis, Synthesis, and Design of Chemical Process", 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2009
Unit 1: Engineering Ethics
(i) Engineering Professionalism
(ii) Engineering honesty, impartiality, fairness, and equity
(iii) history of energy technology, global energy trends, and green house effect.

Unit 2: Diagrams for Chemical Engineering
(i) Diagrams for Understanding Chemical Process
(ii) The Structure and Synthesis of Process Flow Diagrams
(iii) Software package for the flow diagram.

Unit 3: Batch Process
(i) Design calculations for batch processes
(ii) Chemical Product Design.

Unit 4: Engineering Economics
(i) Estimation of capital cost
(ii) estimation of manufacturing costs
(iii) engineeeirng economic analysis
(iv) Profitability analysis.

Unit 5: Process Optimization
(i) Decision variables, design variables
(ii) objective function
(iii) constraints, equality constraint, inequality constraint
(iv) global optimum, local optimum.

Unit 6: Health, Safety and the Environment
Green Engineering

Unit 7: Senior Design Project
(i) Working in groups enhances activities in collaborative learning,
(ii) oral presentation on an process & plant design topic.

1. Gavin Towler, R K Sinnott, "Chemical Engineering Design: Principles, Practice and Economics of
Plant and Process Design", 3rded., Butterworth-Heinemann.