CHE3207	신재생 에너지 공학2
담당교수 엄병환 TRACK
교재 John Andrew and Nick Jelley "Energy Science: principle, technologies, and impacts", Oxford University Press.
Unit 1: Biomass and Bioenergy
(i) Photosynthesis and crop yield (concept of light quanta and carbohydrate).
(ii) Composition of carbohydrate fraction: woody and agricultural species.
(iii) Biomass potential and use
(iv) Biomass energy production via biological and thermochemical process.

Unit 2: Biorefinery
(i) Biomass conversion processes
(ii) Pulp and Biorefinery Process (Material Balance , Delignification, Kappa number, pulp viscosity,
    and consistency)
(iii) Batch and Continuos Digester
(iv) Bioseparation (Liquid to Liquid Extraction)

Unit 3: Unclear Energy
(i) Energy release in fission
(ii) Thermal reactors (a PWR nuclear reactor)
(iii) Environmental impact of nuclear power

Unit 4: Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineering
(i) Basic physical properties of fluid (i.e. density, pressure, and viscosity.
(ii) Energy conservation in ideal fluid: Bernoulli's equation.

Unit 5: Energy and Society
(i) Environmental impact of energy production (Global warming, Impact of more CO2 in the atmosphere)
(ii) Economics of energy production (Discounted cash flow analysis)

Unit 6: Team Project and Presentation
(i) Working in groups enhances activities in collaborative learning,
(ii) oral presentation on an renewable energy topic.

1. Bolye G. "Renewable Energy Power for A Sustainable Future", 2rded., Oxford University Press.
2. Biermann C.J. " Handbook of Pulping and Papermaking" 2rded., Oregon State University, Acdemic Press.