CHE3107	신재생 에너지 공학1
담당교수 엄병환 TRACK
교재 John Andrew and Nick Jelley "Energy Science: principle, technologies, and impacts", Oxford University Press.
Unit 1: Engineering Ethics and Introduction
(i)Engineering Professionalism
(ii) Engineering honesty, impartiality, fairness, and equity
(iii)history of energy technology, global energy trends, and green house effect.

Unit 2: Introducing Renewable Energy
(i) Energy coacervation (First Law of Thermodynamics)
(ii) Forms of energy: kinetic, gravitational, electrical, and unclear
(iii) World energy supplies
(iv) Renewable Energy source in a sustainable future.

Unit 3: Thermal Energy
(i) Conduction, convection, radiation, and laws of thermodynamics
(ii) Concepts of internal energy, enthalpy, and entropy
(iii) Application of combined cycle gas turbine and combustion of fossil fuel
(iv) Technology of carbon sequestration.

Unit 4: Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineering
(i) Basic physical properties of fluid (i.e. density, pressure, and viscosity.
(ii) Energy conservation in ideal fluid: Bernoulli's equation.

Unit 5: Hydro power, Tidal power, and Wave power
(i) The power output from a dam
(ii) Combination of head and volume flow rate.

1. Bolye G. "Renewable Energy Power for A Sustainable Future", 2rded., Oxford University Press.